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Ecoscape Nigeria Limited is an odour-control and environmental management company. We are committed to deliver practical solutions to improve the quality of life in homes, businesses and communities. Measurement of offensive fugitive odours has grown into a significant business component in the environmental sector spawning new technological development.  Management of odours is a challenge for all systems/plants dealing with organic waste streams.

 Through our global partnerships, we provide a new biological approach to odour management and waste treatment. Our approach is eco-friendly, biological and safe.  We are able to effectively treat wastewater plants, sewer systems, septic tanks, water tanks lagoons, composting facilities, storm-water retention ponds or combined sewer overflow ponds, where solutions range in size from high capacity government communities and industrial plants to very small, low flow package ones, as well as many holding tank and waste storage/portable toilet applications. Our technology inhibits odour from many wastewater facilities. Performance improvement, reduction in operating costs, inhibition of odorous compounds are some of the benefits amongst others.  Other services include environmental remediation, industrial cleaning Odour impact assessment, training and workshops. We work with various industries, private and public communities and government to achieve an odour and pollution free environment for present and future generations.


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