Who We Are

To deliver practical solutions to improve the quality of life in homes, communities, cities and nations.

Ecoscape Limited is an Odour-Control Service Company.  We are a team of professionals involved in environmental cleanup and remediation, waste management, environmental impact assessment, sustainable development, industrial services, recycling, training and awareness campaigns.  We are dedicated to providing excellent services and we draw from a wide range of experience internationally and collaboration efforts across the globe. 

Our goal is to deliver practical solutions to improve the quality of life in homes, communities, cities and nations. With the use of innovative products and initiatives that provide solutions to the problem of air, land and water pollution in our environment, we help control odour and its production issues in wastewater plants such as drainage and sewage systems, waterways such as canals, rivers and lagoons; landfills, biogas and industrial plants. We work with government, communities, businesses and individuals to achieve an odour and pollution free environment for present and future generations.

Our Solution is

safe for humans and animals

Our Value Proposition

Ecoscape provides a new biological approach to odor management and waste treatment. We are able to effectively treat wastewater plants, sewer systems, septic tanks, lagoons, composting facilities, storm-water retention ponds or combined sewer overflow ponds, where solutions range in size from high capacity government communities and industrial plants to very small, low flow package ones, as well as many holding tank and waste storage/portable toilet applications. Our services include odor reduction and our solution is biodegradable.   We are able to control odor and improve performance resulting in reduced operating costs. Our technology has eliminated odor generation and odor complaints from lagoons containing effluent from ethanol plants, paper mills, septic tank sludges ranging in volume from 500 cubic meter to 45,000cubic meter.

An Odour Control Company

We are committed to protecting and enhancing our environment


We Are Committed To Protecting And Enhancing The Environment